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What they're saying about Celebrity A-Lift Facials...

I loved the fact that the facial was so relaxing, not too long, gave a great lift and got rid of puffiness; my skin looks and feels great! What more can I say but WOW! Book me in for more! Want it! Need it! Love it!

Joanne Lee, 38

I was asked if I would be a trial client for the new A Lift, to which I agreed, I am really pleased with the results and can’t wait to book a course, my skin looks and feels a lot firmer, and my lines have reduced loads! THANK YOU!!

Jen Cooper, 46

Woke up to a younger me this morning… WOW! My husband says I look like I have just come back from a spa, rejuvenated and lifted -After 1 session! This is sooooooo good. Where are my jowels going? Yes, I love it! Hmm… just a thought: can they use it to lift a bottom? Ha ha

Jackie Moss, 50

As a die hard fan of advanced electrical facials I wasn't expecting it to be as good as some of the leading competitors. I was surprised at how good it was! I would like it to be longer as it is so relaxing, and would prefer to have this than my regular treatment. I think the lift was definitely better and my skin feels great

Susan Turner, 48

I think it's absolutely fantastic, and I’m definitely interested in booking on to a course. I saw an even better result the night after the treatment! Shocked at the results after just 1 treatment. Want more!

Debbie Miller, 49

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A-Lift Facials: a revolution in Age-Reversal technology
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