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About Celebrity A-Lift Facials

Celebrity A-Lift Facials treatment uses the revolutionary nano-current technology. Incredibly small electrical currents that are measured in millionths of an amp, which are adjusted to tune in to your body’s natural frequency to combat ageing.

We like to say that it turns back time at a cellular level.


Reduces your fine lines and wrinkles


Improves your muscle tone, firmness and lift


Enhances your skin radience and glow


Improves circulation for a more youthful you


Look younger for months*

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*Effects can last up to 6 months, following a course of treatments.


Research has found that by externally applying currents that mimic your body's own electrical frequency, your cells can be recharged, boosting your ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels - your cells' energy source (think of it as your cells' battery) and triggering the rejuvenation process in you.

Immediate results

In just one 45 minute treatment, you can expect to see a genuine improvement in skin texture, muscle tone, deep lines and wrinkles.

Reverse the signs of aging – the natural way

The A-Lift is ideal for anyone, whether you are looking for a natural alternative to botox and fillers, or even if you simply want to make your skin look and feel fantastic. It’s got the power to deliver genuine visible results, yet it’s as gentle and relaxing as a facial.

Lasting effects

Results with the A-Lift are immediately visible. For the effects to last longer, however, a short course is required to help maintain ATP levels. After that, we recommend keeping those energy levels topped up around once a month. Your A-Lift Technician will recommend the best course of treatment for your needs.

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Please note: individual results may vary.

A-Lift Facials: a revolution in Age-Reversal technology
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